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Which Westwood Ride on Lawn Tractor mower should you choose? To find out more, then check out our Westwood Ride on Tractor mower review which will outline our top 3 suggestions based on our own personal experiences. We have looked at several tractor mowers under this brand and we have come up with 3 of the best options that we found which are available in the UK at present.

To cater for everyone’s needs, we have selected a larger frame premium 50 inch V25-50HE tractor mower, then a middle of the road Westwood tractor mower with 42 inches width and then also a smaller lower priced option with 38 inches cutting width so at least you have more than one option when it comes to making any final decision. There are several places that sell these lawn tractors and the quality and prices can vary quite a lot from what we have seen so we have focussed on what we believe are the 3 best options to choose from at present.

Our review will outline all the features and functions that they have to offer along with the main pros and cons which we came across that you can view further down on this page. In addition, we will include some frequently asked questions along with a comparison table so you can see for yourself how each of them compares against one another.

Ride on Tractor Lawn Mower Review Content:

  • Part 1: Quick Overview & FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Westwood 50-inch Tractor Lawn Mower V25-50HE review
  • Part 3: Lower Priced Alternatives – 42 Inch & 38 Inch
  • Part 4: Comparison table
  • Part 5: Conclusion & Feedback

Please note before you start that guide prices can only be shown as the time of this Westwood riding lawn tractor mower review, so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1: Quick Overview & FAQ’s

Model:Westwood 50 Inch Tractor Lawn mower V25-50HE
Made in:Oxfordshire
Engine Capacity:675cc
Warranty:3 years - Available from Mowers Online UK in Gloucester
Price Level:£5.5k to £6.5k region - View Today’s Price Here

Background Information about Westwood…

They are a British brand based near Oxford and they have over 30 years experience in this sector

They design these lawn mowers and lawn tractors specifically for the typical British climate so extra measures are put in place for preventing rust and corrosion and also for waterproofing all of the control and electrical parts.

The grass collecting system is designed specifically for wetter grasses so that the collection unit doesn’t get clogged like what happens with many other mowing brands.

A unique feature to their designs is by using a spindle of brushes to push the grass clippings back into the collector unit rather than an air flow system used by other mowing types. So, the grass collections work completely different to what you normally see elsewhere which gives an excellent and tidier finish.

Certain models come equipped with a differential lock system for muddy conditions and rear rollers on the grass collectors built in to give that beautiful striped finish that look fantastic after all the work has been done.

Frequently Asked Questions for the V25-50HE (10)

Q1. What size areas is it suitable for?
A. As a guide, it can handle areas of up to 3 to 4 acres

Q2. Does the grass collector need to be manually emptied?
A. No, there is a push button electric lift to empty the grass collector automatically

Q3. Is the grass collector included?
A. It is available as an optional extra, so you need to add this separately to your order if needed

Q4. Does it outline any service time reminders?
A. Yes, the dashboard will outline when the mower needs to be serviced or if there are any other parts that need to be addressed.

Q5. What type of transmission is available?
A. It operates with a smooth hydrostatic transmission - one pedal for forward and one pedal for reverse

Q6. Can it handle slippery or muddy conditions?
A. Yes, these types of conditions are supported with the differential lock system

Q7. What type of engine is used?
A. This tractor mower is equipped with a Kawasaki twin cylinder air cooled 675cc engine

Q8. How does the blade deck function?
A. It operates with an IBS 3 bladed rear discharge deck

Q9. What are the mowing heights available?
A. This mower offers mowing heights of 1.2cm to 10cm across 9 different height settings

Q10. What blade operating system is in place?
A. This tractor mower from Westwood comes with a triple rotary blade cutting system

Part 2: Westwood 50-inch Tractor Lawn Mower V25-50HE review

Westwood 50 Inch Tractor Lawn Mower V25-50HE

Key Features in Summary:

Kawasaki 675cc engine
Premium featured driven
IBS Rear Discharge Deck
Delivered fully assembled
Optional grass collector
Suitable up to 3-4 acres
Electric grass emptying
Differential lock system
User friendly OMS dashboard
PTO for other attachments
Hydrostatic Transmission
Warranty 3 years long

Tractor Mower Description

This premium tractor mower from Westwood also referred to as the V25-50HE is certainly our favourite under the Westwood brand and it would be considered as one of the most powerful options available under their brand. It would also be considered as their flagship tractor mower and it is handmade in Oxfordshire using the best and finest components which makes it hard-working enough to make light work of the toughest jobs.

The grass collection unit in the image is not included in the standard purchase but is available as an optional extra. This collector has a collection capacity of 390 L and it is power driven for easier emptying as the emptying is done automatically with the press of a button.

In terms of areas, it is recommended for areas up to 3 acres but it can handle areas larger than this also with more time. It comes with a hydrostatic transmission for more comfort, a user-friendly OMS dashboard to help to manage the machine and there is also a PTO that can be used for various other garden equipment tools. With the transmission, you have one pedal for reverse and one pedal for forward motions.

Another key feature is its ability to work on slopes or muddy areas as it comes equipped with a differential lock and it has a safety parking brake where it cannot be started unless the brake is in place.

It comes with a Kawasaki twin cylinder which is air cooled with a capacity of 675cc and a power level of 16.6kW. The cutting deck is 127cm or 50 inches and it includes an IBS 3 bladed rear discharge. The mow height settings operate over 9 levels from 1.2cm to 10cm and it comes with a 3 year warranty for added security

Price Guide: £5.5k to £6.5k

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Pros and Cons for the Westwood 50-inch V25-50HE Lawn Tractor Mower

Pros to Note:

  • It can come delivered fully assembled and ready to mow straight away – plus the speed levels are excellent with the triple blade cutting system so you get a nice clean finish a lot faster – seriously cuts down of mowing time you need to do.
  • It can handle areas larger than 3 acres in our opinion and even up to 4 acres such is the power and speed you get from this machine. Another thing that really does help make the job easier is the push button electric lift on the optional grass collector so the grass collector gets emptied without you having to do any heavy lifting
  • You get a PTO that can work with various other pieces of equipment, it comes with the hydrostatic transmission as standard and the differential lock built in really does help when conditions are muddy or slippery or when you need to work on hills or steep slopes.
  • One thing that impressed us also is the OMS dashboard which makes managing the machine a whole lot easier such as flagging up repair work or services that are due. Also, the mowing lower heights can go as low as 1.2cm which wouldn’t be available on many other tractor mowers.
  • Overall, you are getting a really powerful premium machine with an 675cc engine capacity which does exactly what it says it can do - a joy to work with, ride on and mow  - a great experience overall

Cons to Note:

  • The first thing that will worry you straight away is the much higher price associated with this tractor mower – generally it will set you back well over £5.5k so it is certainly not affordable for the majority of people
  • The second thing then is that the grass collector is only available as an optional extra – and because it is powered, it will set you back a further £700+ when seen at the time of this review. Again, this is too expensive for the average homeowner in my opinion.
  • Some places will offer lower prices but please be careful as they tend to offer limited service and lower warranty periods – you need to look at more than just the price when choosing where to buy as the lowest price doesn’t always guarantee the same level of service
  • It doesn’t include a toll ball which we have seen available on other premium spec tractor mower brands
  • The 3 year warranty is available on condition that the machine meets specific service requirements. Plus other brands we see offer 5 years where you only get 3 years typically with Westwood

Part 3: Lower Priced Alternatives – 42 Inch & 38 Inch

If you find that the Westwood V25-50HE 675cc lawn tractor is beyond your price range, then check out 2 smaller versions that come with lower price tags which are outlined in brief below.

1, Westwood 42 Inch Lawn Tractor Mower T60

Main Points in Summary:

Delivered ready to mow & fully assembled

Kawasaki 603cc engine and heavy duty axle

Electric powered take off – push button controls

On board computer managing system

Vector Flow system & optional collector

3 contra-rotating blade mechanism

Parking brake, 9 mow heights 1.2cm-10cm

Price Guide: £4.5K region (3 year warranty)

2, Westwood 38 Inch Lawn Tractor Mower T50

Main Points in Summary:

Smaller frame & more affordable option

Still includes many premium features

Briggs and Stratton engine 500cc

Narrower deck of 38 inches or 97cm

3 contra-rotating blades – 1 acre size

On board management system

Power 10.8Kw & XRD rear discharge

Price Guide: £3.5K region (3-year warranty)

Part 4: Comparison table

To help you compare each of the tractor lawn mowers in this review from Westwood, then check out the comparison table provided below.

Model:Westwood V25-50HEWestwood T60Westwood T50
Engine:Kawasaki twin cylinderKawasaki twin cylinderBriggs and Stratton single
Engine Capacity:675cc603cc500cc
Cutting deck:50 inches / 127cm42 inches / 107cm38 inches / 96cm
Grass Collector:Optional extra (powered)Optional extra (powered)Optional extra (powered)
Collector capacity:390L300L300L
Differential Lock:IncludedN/AN/A
Mow heights:9 – 1.2cm to 10cm9 – 1.2cm to 10cm9 – 1.2cm to 10cm
Area Guide:Up to 3 acresUp to 2 acresUp to 1 acre
Warranty:3 years3 years3 years

Part 5: Conclusion & Feedback

Would I buy this Tractor lawn mower? If I had the money YES, but I will have to wait another while and save some before I could afford to pay for a mower at this high price level to be honest. What really impressed me is the high quality components, the electronic grass collector, the 4 stroke FR730V 675cc Kawasaki engine and the variable speed control system and hydrostatic transmission. For the tougher, slippery and muddy conditions, this machine was well able to work with the differential lock mechanism, so it gives you all the support you need when you have to put it under more pressure.

The grass collection system here was also impressive as they don’t tend to get clogged up at all and there is a great selection of mow heights to choose from depending on your own particular preferences. Overall, we found this also to be a beast of a machine and apart from the price, we found it difficult to find any faults with it. It also has some nice extra add-ons such as a cup holder, rear roller for stripes and arm rests which makes the job of mowing for long periods that much easier to do and a lot more enjoyable.

Feedback – Have Your Say

Have YOU ever used a Westwood Tractor Ride on mower yourself in the recent past? Any problems we should know about?

If possible, please share your experiences and feedback with the wider UK community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – So that others across the UK can learn also!


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One Comment

  1. I have a Countax C60 – same as Westwood T60. I cut about 1.5 acres regularly. I have found the following :-
    Sturdy construction and ample power from the Kawa 603cc motor. Dont use the PGC all of the time but it does do a neat job on all but soaking grass and good for Autumn leaves which I dont see other tractors handling very well. On the downside quite a bit of fettling required in the first year in the form of belt tensioning and a broken weld on cutting deck due to poor welding from the factory. Deck reasonably easy to remove once you get used to it but very heavy due to its fabricated steel construction. Deck need a mulch adapter which has to be fitted manually with 2 bolts under the deck which makes going from collecting to mulching a bit of a faff, but overall a smooth sturdy good running machine once the little bugs ironed out.

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