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Worx Lawn Mower Review Compilation – Includes Various Models


Greeting once again to all the mowers out there and welcome to this review compilation that will review several Worx Lawn Mowers that are available across the market at present and which are popular among many mowers across the country.

Worx Lawn mowers have truly revolutionized the lawn mowing process for everyone. It has made lawn mowing so much easier than ever. Having a huge range of lawn mowers, from the cordless to self-propelled ones, from electric to gas ones; the Worx Lawn mowers have redefined the lawn mowers in every way.

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Worx Lawn Mower Overview:

  • Having different types of electric motors fitted inside them and different special features that makes them stands out, these lawn mowers have been designed to keep your grass beds trimmed.
  • Moreover, lawn mowers are the best to mix the top layer of soil, which increases the fertility of land and mixing of soil nutrients. Worx Lawn mowers are known for their sleek and strong bodies.
  • You can find many automatic and innovative features which rechargeability and an intuitive ignition system. Due to such advancements, you will surely feel the difference between the working of a Worx lawn mower and lawn mowers from the other companies.
  • Known to help mow you better, these lawn mowers will work according to you desire and command. They work easily and simply. You don’t have to memorize the whole guide to setup the lawn mower and operate it. Being very easy to use, these lawn mowers have high quality and sharp blades along with rear bag catcher.
  • You can also mulch and store by using these outstanding lawn mowers. Many of the innovative Worx lawn mower models come with features that allow you to keep the mower on silent mode. This means that you don’t have to bear that annoying sound of lawn mowers anymore.
  • Having multiple power options means that you can change the power according to your need. Apart from that, many of models are known to feature the Power Mode that works through the grass beds ruthlessly and grinds everything on its way. Whether its small branches or leaves, these Worx lawn mowers have the ability of grind anything that comes in their way.
  • Worx lawn mower models are known to come with at least a 2 year warranty or more. Some of these lawn mowers have small decks while the others have a larger deck. With electric motors of varying motors and being capable to mow the lawns of different sizes, Worx lawn mowers offer sheer quality and outstanding performance.
  • All the lawn mowers by Worx have been designed with adjustable and flexible handles so that it’s convenient to store and transport. Worx also has a diverse range of all-wheel drive walk lawn mowers. These lawn mowers come with immense speed and impressive power range. The best feature of these lawn mowers is that they have a high quality blade.
  • These blades are premium quality and have a fine cutting, which makes them last longer. These blades do not rust or corrode very easily. I hope that you find this review useful and insightful for your next purchase. Worx indeed offers a diverse variety of economical and strong lawn mowers for you.
  • There is no need to hire a gardener or borrow a lawn mower from your neighbor now as these lawn mowers are here to rescue you. Overall, Worx lawn mowers have a good reputation in the market. They are widely used and are appreciated by the customers for not only their great working but also their good price.
  • A lot of care is required for a lush lawn and since the equipment is expensive, it is important that you know the products that you purchase. This will not only keep you from making any choices that you will regret, but also ensures that you find what you are looking for in your budget.
  • If you have used any of the Worx lawn mowers and would like to share your experiences, please do. Best of luck on your next purchase! Worx indeed offers a diverse variety of economical and strong lawn mowers for you, combined with style and comfort.
  • Overall, Worx lawn mowers have a good reputation in the market in terms of user experience and affordability. They are widely used and are appreciated by the customers for not only their great working but also their good price. Get ready to revolutionize your mowing experience altogether with Worx Lawn mower. Worx lawn mowers are diverse and are loved by most of the consumers around the world. They are indeed necessity for maintenance of lawns.

Worx Lawn Mower Review Compilation (in no particular order)

1, WORX WG782 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with IntelliCut, Battery and Charger Included

Main Features

  • It is equipped with intellicult technology which enables the user to cut tough grass with additional torque
  • The cutting deck width is 14 inches height is adjustable between 1.8 and 3.3 inches
  • The machine is powered with battery. With single battery charge it can mow up to 10 thousand sq. ft. the battery runtime can be up to 40 minutes
  • It can be operated in Quiet mode, thus little or no noise
  • It has an efficient mulching blade that are designed to make your mowing easy
  • It is backed by two-year warranty

Pros: The things you would love this mower include the quiet mode, easy to use operation. The battery runtime is good and it is light-weight and inexpensive. It needs small storage space because of its condensed size and the price is seriously attractive and a bargain worth looking at.

Cons: It takes a little more time to mow because of its small size. This will not suit if you are tardy in mowing your lawn, and do it fortnightly since it cannot cut overly grown grass. The battery dies with time and you must replace it which means extra money and an added expense in the long term

2, WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower, 19-Inch

Main Features

  • WG19 is the corded-electric power mower
  • The deck is composed of steel blades which makes mulching finest ant the deck height can be adjusted to 7 different settings if and when required
  • The handle is padded with foam making mowing more comfortable
  • The premium wheel design leads to more effective cut with extra manoeuvrability
  • It takes a very small space for storage when not in use because of the fully folding capability of the handle
  • The 3 in 1 mower aids you with bagging, mulching and discharging the grass on side. You can switch between these features as needed
  • Two lithium ion batteries are need for the operation
  • It is suitable for both straight as well as inclined and uneven lands. It can work on all kind of terrain

Pros: The mower stands to be one of the best mowers in market because of a very little voice, adjustable and highly flexible handle. It does not run on gasoline, so you are free from the tiresome job of buying gas if you have this mower. You get a very good pattern after mowing the lawn for one or two times. Handling the cord is not problematic either. Because of the cord system in this mower, you do not need to replace the battery every 3-year. Again, this price is seriously attractive and one that is hard to beat

Cons: You are limited with the distance you can travel with the mower with the distance of the cord you buy. You need to buy an extra extension cord which is a small added expense for you. Width is not bad at 19 inches but is narrower than a lot of other models I have seen.

3, WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with Easy-Start Feature, Removable Battery, and Grass Collection Bag – WG775

Main Features

  • This 14-inch cordless mower runs on electric power. It is ecofriendly as there is no gas or oil burning involved. Moreover, you need not to buy the fuel or mix it in required proportions
  • It provides you with three functions to choose from. You can either select to mulching, bagging or rear-discharging option depending on the need
  • The mower is cordless making it convenient to use it anywhere
  • The mower is equipped with easy start electric button, removable battery with power indicator, and flexible handle.
  • The 14-inch deck is perfect for the yards that are difficult to mow and its height can be maintained to three different settings
  • The mower allows you to mulch 6,000 square ft. on a single battery charge

Pros: The best thing about the mower is the rear-discharging feature. You do not need to clean up after the job is done. The easy start electric button and fuel-independent system makes the job exciting. The small size of the trimmer makes it easy for the user to trim sharp edges and its light-weight make it easy to carry it and use it and the price is fairly keen and competitive for what you get

Cons: The battery can die after one and a half year, so you need to buy a new one after that period. It cannot trim the overly grown grass so you need to use it at least once a week. You always need to remember to keep the battery charged for when you need it and a second back up battery may be the solution here which will cost you more.

4, WORX WG772 56V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Mower with IntelliCut, 19-Inch, 2 Batteries and Charger Included

Main Features

  • WG772 is a 3 in 1 cordless mower equipped with IntelliCut technology to make the mowing easier than ever before
  • It has two batteries each of which is designed to mow 8,500 sq. ft. and the mower is designed to give gas mower-like performance
  • Because of the NutriCut system and dual blades you will not experience halting while cutting down the tall and thick grass anymore
  • The rear wheels are 10 inches in height and the front wheels are 7 inches in height. The mower deck is made of steel and is 19 inches in height
  • The washout port enables the user to clean up the mower easily
  • The handle is flexible and compacts, if required, taking small space for storage

Pros: It has considerably high power and keeps working long enough to do the lawns on Turbo or Eco mode. It mulches the grass extremely well and the blades can be detached and honed simply like any normal trimmer blade. The best thing it is maintenance-free because of the deck washout feature

Cons: One thing you should keep in mind while buying this mower is the short life-span of the battery and the cost for battery replacement which is very high. In the event that you buy from a third party and not specifically from Worx, you may not get complete warranty package. Price is on the high side but then again you are looking at a more premium higher spec mower here.

5, WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower with Rain Sensor and Safety Shut-off

Main Features

  • Landroid is fully programmed so that you can use it straightaway
  • Landroid can also easily do complicated cut and move through the constricted sections via its Advanced Intelligence Algorithm (AIA) technology
  • It equally cuts slopes and irregular lawns up to 20-degrees and utilizes shock sensor framework to cut the bumpy and irregular lands
  • Naturally comes back to base in the event of rain or for energizing battery
  • The Cutting Height is 1.6"" - 4"" and it can mow a lawn of about 1/4 Acre
  • It can work on five different height systems
  • It has user friendly interface that enables the user for customization and it can work on quiet mode and is ecofriendly

Pros:  The best thing about this mower is the automatic and quiet operation which can be done at any time of the day and even night.  It gets back to home when the charging seems to be low or it starts raining. It gives a good coverage even for the larger yards. There's nothing greater than staying there on your patio and viewing your grass getting cut by the mower itself!!!

Cons: It stalls out at many spots and you need to go on a mission to discover the un-mowed patches all through your yard. On the off chance that you have thick grass in your yard, it cannot not cut the grass finely good and the price is quite high when compared to your standard lawn mower

6, WORX WG708 17-Inch Electric Mower, 13-Amp

Main Features

  • The WORX 17-Inch 13 Amp Electric Mower is a 3 in 1 mower that mulches, sacks up, or release your clippings. The packing choice permits the accumulation of the clippings for manure or discharge.
  • The height of the deck can be adjusted and maintained to 6 different levels between 1.5 inch and 3.5 inch
  • Overall, the discharge bag has a convey handle that helps with quick discharge
  • This WORX 17-Inch electric trimmer has a simple push-start electric button and a safety lock button to prevent unplanned operations.
  • The handle is very flexible and convenient to use. It is designed to take very small space for storage
  • This machine is also seriously light-weight. It is just 35-Pound!

Pros: It is easy to operate, good for small yard and has easy clean up advantage. The best thing is you do not need to maintain a combustion engine (as you need to do in the gas-mowers) or deal with battery (that you need to do in the battery-powered mowers) and the price is fair for what you get and compares well to similar mowers under other brands.

Cons: You will have to deal with the power cord interference, but it is really good once you get used to dealing with the cord. Try not to give your grass a chance to grow massively and expect that the job is done with one cutting. It has no weight to cut long grass, you may need to cut long grass 5-6 times to make sure that it looks great. Plus the width of 17 inches means you need to spend more time on completing more passes.

7, WORX WG770 36V 2-in-1 Cordless Mower with Single Lever Depth Setting, 19-Inch, Battery and Charger Included

Main Features

  • WG770 is a 2 in 1 cordless mower
  • The cutting deck is made up of steel and is equipped with finest mulching abilities
  • The mower has Intellicut technology for best execution as it senses the thicker grass and applies more energy to give a finer cut
  • It has a Removable/Detachable battery that can slice up to 10,200 sq. Feet on a single charge
  • When you are not cutting with the WG770, the handle completely overlaps and enables the trimmer to be amassed up, utilizing a significantly little space in your store
  • The quick height adjustment feature which can be done with the help of a single lever

Pros: The mower is good as it is efficient in cutting the thick weed. It has made mowing easy even on irregular terrain. The removable battery is what makes the mower the best choice. Having the capacity to charge the battery outside of the mower chassis is a great component. It makes the mower chassis lighter and as a result the mower can be moved easily for the storage. Price is fairly standard when I see other similar mowers under different brands and is certainly worth checking out.

Cons: Sometimes the battery can be defective. Worx gives you a replacement battery but that too may not work to your satisfaction so you need to keep this in mind. The mower is slightly heavier also, its battery is 32 pounds so it is difficult to move it from lawn to storage

8, WORX WG788 19-Inch 36 Volt Cordless 3-In-1 Lawn Mower with Removable Battery & IntelliCut

Main Features

  • WG788 is a cordless mower with removable, rechargeable 36-volt battery having a runtime up to 60 minutes
  • It is equipped with IntelliCut cutting technology that gives extra torque when you're cutting intense grass
  • It has the feature of running quietly thus not disturbing your kids’ or you neighbor’s nap
  • Exceptional mulching blades cuts the grass better than any other standard cutting blades
  • Battery keeps running for up to 1 hour or 18,500 square feet with a single charge
  • With a 19-inch cutting width the deck gives a flexible cutting range from 1.5 to 3.5 inches
  • The mower warranty is 2 years and the battery is backed by a 1 year warranty


Pros: The trimmer is anything but difficult to push. The bigger rear wheels make turning easy and convenient. The quiet operation, convenient to use, extra torque is what you would love this mower for. You can use the power setting on encountering the thick grass. It is reliable as some users have used it for 4 years without changing the battery or any other part. Price is a little high for my liking however compares well to several other cordless mowers under other brands.

Cons: The battery is not good. It dies in one year. With a such shorter life-span of the batter you will need to put in extra money on this mower every year. The switch in the handle isn't all around fixed and the handle wears out over the winter

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Finally, if you like to spend time in your lawn then buying a sturdy and strong Worx lawn mower is something that you must consider. Based on the pros and cons, now you can easily decide which Worx lawn mower will suit you the best. Working in different ways and having different sizes, you can buy any lawn mower that fits your needs and suits to the size of your lawn. The above mentioned Worx lawn mowers are the ones that have been reviewed by the consumers the most. They have received the highest amount of reviews due to their popularity.

If you wish to look beyond the Worx brand of lawn mowers, then take a look at the following review compilations of other brands outlined as follows: (available through the side menus also or the search bar above)


Also, if you have experiences with the Worx Lawn mowers good or bad in the past – it would be greatly appreciated if you can share it with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

Take care and best of luck



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