Bosch Rotak 37 Corded Lawnmower Review 2024 – Video Tips


Hello once again and if you are considering buying a Bosch Rotak 37 Lawnmower in the coming days or weeks, then please make sure to check out this brief review that will explain all you need to know before you make any buying decisions. The focus of this review will be to outline all the key and important features that it has to offer you plus all the main positives (pros) and negatives (cons) that you need to know also.

Review Focus

Our review will be to focus on the Bosch Rotak 37cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower and you can make comparisons with the Bosch Rotak 37cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower through the options provided below.

We will also outline a comparison table so you can see for yourself how it compares against other lawn mowers under the Bosch brand and we have also included 2 videos that you can check out also at the end of this page to add further clarity. In addition to all this, we will point out several frequently asked questions that have come up in the recent past that should answer most of the queries that you may have which we hope will be of benefit to you.

Price Guides

Before we start, please be aware that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from month to month or even week to week depending on local promotional activities so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information. To break down this review, it will be outlined in 5 main parts as follows:

  1. Part 1 – Quick Overview & Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Part 2 – Review of the Features, Pros and Cons
  3. Part 3 – Comparison Table vs other Bosch Lawnmowers
  4. Part 4 – Price comparison options: Bosch Corded vs Bosch Cordless
  5. Part 5 – Video demo displays for further clarity

Part 1: Overview & FAQ’s

Model:Bosch Rotak 37cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1400W
Warranty:2 years - can be extended to 3 years if registered online (mybosch .com)
Orders Online:Yes, with hassle free home delivery
Price Range:£120 to £160 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Today's Price Here
Support:Service or repairs on 03447360109

Frequently Asked Questions for the Bosch 37cm Corded Lawn mower (17)

Q1. Where are these Bosch lawn mowers made?
A. These lawn mowers are made in China managed and designed by Bosch enterprises

Q2. Does this lawnmower include a rear roller and if so can it be detached?
A. Yes, this lawnmower includes a rear roller to generate stripes but cannot be detached

Q3. How long is the cord provided?
A. The length of the cord here is 10m long

Q4. Can it be used as a self propelled lawnmower for hills / slopes?
A. No, this can only be used as a push lawn mower (only available in the Professional range, not the DIY range)

Q5. How good does it work around borders and flower beds?
A. By using the grass combs, it will cut extremely tight to borders and flowers giving a nice precise finish

Q6. Can the handles be folded?
A. Yes, they can be folded but is trickier than one would imagine – requires some effort

Q7. Does it have the mulching capability?
A. No, there is no mulching capability with this lawn mower

Q8. Are these handles height adjustable for tall people?
A. Yes, the height of the handles can be adjusted to suit whatever size you are

Q9. How do you adjust the mow heights?
A. You can easily adjust the mow heights by adjusting the single height lever on the side

Q10. Can it used with one hand or does it need both hands to operate?
A. It needs both hands on the handles to operate

Q11. How do you fold the handles?
A. You need to twist the red plastic levers gently on the handle

Q12. Can you get a self propelled model instead?
A. They are not available in the DIY range, only the professional range of mowers

Q13. What are the storage dimensions for sheds?
A. The storage dimensions are 80cm L by 40cm D by 45cm H

Q14. Does it have a plastic deck or a metal deck?
A. The deck here is made from plastic (with a steel blade)

Q15. Do you need to register online to get the 2 year warranty?
A. No, you do not need to register for the 2 year warranty, just keep the transaction receipt

Q16. What coded replacement blade is available?
A. The code for the replacement blade from the lawn mower is F 016 800 272

Q17. Does it provide you with a cable tidy system?
A. No, there is no cable tidy system built in, you need to wrap it around the handle

Part 2 – Bosch Rotak 37 Review of the Features, Pros and Cons

Bosch Rotak 37cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1400W

Main Features Available:

  • Corded lawn mower with a cutting mow path width of 37cm and has 8 different grip positions available (eg. right/left/single/double etc)
  • Includes a powerful 1400W Powerdrive motor that gives higher torque for better cutting performances
  • Designed with a wider path for medium and medium to large sized lawns
  • Innovative and unique grass combs on the side are included to deal with edges along with the inset wheels
  • Operates with the ergoflex handles, which allow for better control, steering and all-round functionality and they are height adjustable
  • Handles can be folded down for compact storage and it weighs only 11.2 kg
  • Rear rollers are included for stripes and to prevent scalping and also has the stackable grass box
  • Provides a tool-free assembly with the quickclick handle system
  • Includes the 40L grass box and a mow height range from 2cm to 7cm across 6 different mow height settings
  • A safety switch is included as standard and the cable cord is 10m long
  • In terms of prices, the price when last seen on sale with Argos UK was in the £120 to £180 region which of course can be double checked below if needed

Further images for the Bosch 37cm Corded Lawn mower are outlined below:

  • Lightweight to Push


Main Pros for the Bosch 37

  • The price you pay for the Corded model is significantly lower than the Cordless so big savings can be made here
  • Additional Powerdrive motor of 1400W which gives extra power and makes mowing a whole lot easier
  • Noise level is significantly less than some of the loud petrol lawn mowers
  • No charging of batteries to worry about or additional back up expensive batteries either.
  • No fuel or oil costs to deal with and little to no ongoing maintenance costs are required.
  • You get the rear rollers as standard which are great for making attractive looking stripes on your paths
  • Performs very well around the edges by using the grass combs and inset wheels – little to no strimming is required afterwards.
  • Steering and operating the lawn mower with the comfortable and easy to use ergoflex handles and can reduce the strain on your lower back
  • You get the automatic free 2 year guarantee which can be extended to 3 years if you register online within 28 days or purchase
  • Handles are height adjustable which is a major plus for tall people to use
  • There is also a 5-day repair service available from Bosch where they will sort out any issues you may have within a 5 day period.
  • This mower can be operated left or right sided, one or two handed, horizontally or vertically, giving you 8 different grip positions to control the mower with the main focus to give you maximum comfort which also reduces your hand fatigue

Main Cons for the Bosch 37

  • There is always the danger of having a cord across your lawn as you work – you need to exercise a lot of caution and develop a technique to avoid the cord on your mow paths
  • Limited to a distance of 10m with the cable cord – extension cables may be needed which is an added expense (generally affordable)
  • Other models and brands also offer a longer cable cord than 10m – some offer 12m and some 15m
  • Folding down the handles should be a whole lot easier and requires a good deal of effort
  • At times, the grass box seemed a bit flimsy and should be attached a whole better to prevent grass clippings from falling out.
  • Struggles with larger type lawns with heavy thick grass, lacks the stronger power associated to high powered petrol lawn mowers
  • The 5 day repair service is not available to the UK Highlands or the Islands
  • Better instructions should be given on how to fold down the handles (twist the red plastic handle levers)
  • Housing of the frame is made of plastic which won’t meet everyone’s robustness expectations
  • No mulching ability which some gardeners expect to have which are available from other models/brands
  • Doesn’t include the cable tidy system attachment that we have seen available on other lawn mowers for the tidier storing of the cord.
  • Some will find the assembly instructions difficult to complete - could be slightly better
  • Can clog up quite a bit with wet grass which should be avoided – stick to dryer grasses instead

A quick overview of consumer reviews and feedback from the general public is outlined below:

Selection of Consumer Positive Comments:

  1. Easy to steer and operate around borders, flower beds and patios due to lightweight design and ergoflex system
  2. Finished a great job around the fence and boundary edges as well as the flower bed edges
  3. Gave a cut clean cut across the lawn with no clippings left behind and worked well with wet grass
  4. It was able to deal with tall grass by using the higher settings and then did a second pass with the lower settings
  5. Much lighter than expected for a machine that has superior power and did exactly what was needed to do
  6. The handles were comfortable to work with and gave lots of options to hold it and operate it and the grass box was big enough to meet their needs

Selection of Consumer Poor Comments:

  1. Cord was far too short than expected – others in the past had longer cords
  2. Attaching the handles could have been easier- didn’t line up as expected and the assembly was more difficult than anticipated
  3. The grass box was far too flimsy and didn’t attach all that well which resulting in some grass not being collected
  4. Folding down the handles for storing was a lot more difficult than it should be – requires extra work
  5. Motor did not last as long as expected which was very annoying
  6. The stackable grass box was somewhat flimsy and wasn’t as good as what had been expected and the instructions for assembly could be better laid out

Part 3 – Comparison Table of Bosch Corded Lawn Mowers

A comparison table is outlined below which compares the Bosch Rotak 37cm to various other corded lawn mowers under the Bosch brand…

Feature:Rotak 37cm CordedRotak 36cm CordedRotak 34cm Corded
Mow Width:37cm36cm34cm
Lawn Size:600m2300m2/400m2300m2
Power Level:1400W1350W1300W
Grass bag Size:50L capacity40L capacity40L capacity
Height Settings:666
Mow Heights:2cm to 7cm2cm to 7cm2cm to 7cm
Warranty:2 to 3 years2 to 3 years2 to 3 years
Rear Roller:AvailableAvailableAvailable
Safety Switch:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Cable Size:10m long10m long10m long

Repair Service Available:

So that you know - Bosch offer the 5-day repair service which can be quickly summarised as follows:

  1. Day 1 = Call 03447360109 to arrange the collection (or fill out the details online)
  2. Day 2 = Collection takes place before 5pm
  3. Day 3 = If under warranty it will be serviced straight away. If not, they will give you a quote for repairing
  4. Day 4 = Repaired or Serviced and despatch is organized
  5. Day 5 = Lawn mower returned back to your location

Please note though that this excludes the UK highlands and also the islands

Part 4 – Price comparison Bosch 37 Corded vs Bosch 37 Cordless

Before deciding on the corded lawn mower, the Cordless also has several advantages  - the main one that you do not have to worry about a cord on your lawn as you work, however you will need to dig a lot deeper into your pockets to fund it so make sure to compare the prices of both options provided below as follows…

Part 5 – Video demo displays for the Bosch Cordless Models

If you wish to view further information on the Bosch 37 Cordless lawn mower instead, then check out the 2 videos outline below that will provide further clarity on the assembly and the features available.

Video 1 - Bosch Rotak 37cm 36V Li Ergo Cordless Lawnmower Review

Video 2 - Bosch Rotak 37 Ergoflex Lawnmower Assembly and Review

Further Reading

If at the end of this review you are still undecided, then feel free also to take a look at further reviews which have been completed outlined as follows:

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Community Feedback

Have you any previous experience of using a Bosch 37cm Corded or Cordless Lawnmower in the past?

If so, please educate the local community by leaving your feedback good or bad in the comment section provided below – So that they can learn also!

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  1. Hi Paul My 84 year old Mother needs to replace her Rotak 34 . She can mow her lawn fine. I had thought the 37 ergo looked good but it seems it has a troublesome fold down and collection basket. I liked the Ergo handle but read a review which said holding the buttons down all the time was hard work. I am wondering whether she should stick to another 34 if it folds down more easily and has a less troublesome grass collector? Could you advise. It’s hard as we can’t go and look at one as she can’t go out to the shops like a lot of elderly people at the moment.

    • Hi there, I have also seen reports of the 37 ergo being slightly harder to manage even though I didn’t experience them myself to be honest. If it were me I would get her to stick to another Rotak 34 as it would be more suited for her needs. Also, have you ever tried the cordless Spear & Jackson lawnmower with 2 batteries on sale with Argos? – it is definitely worth serious consideration as it would certainly be one of my favourite cordless lawnmower machines – view further details here to learn more. Best of luck and many thanks for stopping by

  2. I have had a Rotak 36 for about 5 or 6 years and have been very happy with it until it stopped working a few days ago. The motor was turning but the blade did not rotate. I thought it might be a belt problem and so dismantled the mower with the help of a youtube video. I found that one of the bearings was irreparably damaged and decided to replace it with a 37. After being messed about on Screwfix, I found one on B&Q for £129. I am now about to assemble it. Im hoping that it gives the same good service as my old 36.

  3. Motor runs but blade doesn’t rotate, How is the motor transmitted to the blade mechanism
    Is it belt driven. If so how much does a replacement belt cost.

  4. It’s been a while since I mowed a lawn. We used petrol powered mowers as it offered more flexibility compared to a corded lawn mower in the past but I can see the advantages of an electric mower as it would not create pollution and it would make less noise.  If I had to use an electric lawn mower I’d get a cordless one. It would be with a rechargeable battery that could be removed and easily replaced with another battery when the charge ran out. This would give me more time to mow the lawn if my first battery ran out of charge. For anyone looking to buy a Bosch lawn mower you provided some good information here overall. Edwin

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