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Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews – Model Compilation Review


Greetings and welcome to this compilation review on Troy-Bilt Lawn mowers which will cover many popular models that are currently available to buy across the market at present.

Troy-Bilt lawn mowers are famous for their strong body and quick working. You can find a Troy Bilt lawn mower suitable for a lawn of any particular size and shape. All of the range of Troy Bilt lawn mowers exhibit a large variety of outstanding and innovative features like TriAction® cutting system and hydrostatic transmission.

Throughout this compilation review a number of prices checkers are available to please make sure to check these out to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. In addition, you can check stock availability with the images provided at the end of this review

Overview on Troy-Bilt Lawn Mowers:

  • Moreover, the unique feature of the zero-turn maneuverability makes the Troy Bilt lawn mowers very easy to use. These lawn mowers can be used for easy lawn management. You can choose any model of Troy-Bilt® lawn mower for your personal use, keeping different factors in your mind. Troy Bilt lawn mowers feature a whole line-up of the famous walk-behind mowers.
  • These lawn mowers are one of the best for the yards that are about an acre in size or are smaller than that. Troy Bilt also includes a wide range of riding mowers. These lawn mowers are the best for lawns that are bigger and are several acres in their size. If you are looking for a suitable Troy Bilt lawn mower, then you should first determine the type of cutting that it offers. Moreover, you can also look at the types of different handles and the terrains needed to be cut.
  • Troy Bilt lawn mowers exhibit a different and diverse variety of lawn mower drive systems that can be regulated according to your needs and requirements. By using these lawn mowers, you can mow across the grass beds and lawns at a suitable speed.
  • There are different lawn mowers by Troy Bilt that are suitable for the areas of different sizes. Some of these are larger and vast areas that require a quicker lawn mower. The Troy Bilt lawn mowers have been fairly popular amongst the consumers all around the world due to their compact design, convenient handle and light weight.
  • Many of them have sharp blades which cut grass into mulch, leading to a healthier and lush lawn. You can easily step away from the mower to empty the bag or other tasks. The Troy Bilt lawn mowers are therefore perfect for users who have large areas to mow and busy schedules.
  • All the lawn mowers by Troy Bilt have been designed with adjustable and flexible handles so that it’s convenient to store and transport. Troy Bilt also has a diverse range of all-wheel drive walk lawn mowers. These lawn mowers comes with immense speed and impressive power range. 
  • You can choose between the bagging, mulching or side discharge modes. Their feature-packed lawn mowers put you in control and let you decide what you need. Troy Bilt indeed offers a diverse variety of economical and strong lawn mowers for you, combined with style and comfort.
  • There is no need to hire a gardener or borrow a lawn mower from your neighbor now as these lawn mowers are here to rescue you. Overall, Troy Bilt lawn mowers have a good reputation in the market in terms of user experience and affordability.
  • They are widely used and are appreciated by the customers for not only their great working but also their good price. Get ready to revolutionize your mowing experience altogether with Troy Bilt Lawn mower. Troy Bilt lawn mowers are diverse and are loved by most of the consumers around the world. They are indeed necessity for maintenance of lawns.
  • If you like to spend time in your lawn then buying a sturdy and strong Troy Bilt lawn mower is something that you must consider. Based on the pros and cons, now you can easily decide which Troy Bilt lawn mower will suit you the best. Working in different ways and having different sizes, you can buy any lawn mower that fits your needs and suits to the size of your lawn. 
  • The below mentioned Troy Bilt lawn mowers are the ones that have been reviewed by the consumers the most. They have received the highest amount of reviews due to their popularity. The best feature of these lawn mowers is that they have a high quality blade. These blades are premium quality and have a fine cutting, which makes them last longer.
  • These blades do not rust or corrode very easily. I hope that you find this review useful and insightful for your next purchase. Doing your homework before buying a lawn mower will definitely help you out and save you some bucks. Troy Bilt indeed offers a diverse variety of economical and strong lawn mowers for you.
  • There is no need to hire a gardener or borrow a lawn mower from your neighbor now as these lawn mowers are here to help you out.

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Review Compilation (in no particular order)

1, Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower with Electric Start

Main Features

  • It is a Gas lawn mower which is operated via an electric push button and has a 159cc engine installed in it
  • The steel deck is 21-inch long which will enable you to adjust it to six different settings between1.25 and 3.75 inches
  • The loop handle is flexible which makes the operation simple
  • To add to your comfort, it has four variable speed settings and single-lever
  • You can have 2-year limited warranty on this product
  • The TB20ES can be converted to perform mulching, bagging, or operating side discharge.
  • For providing you with a clean and fresh cut, the traction cutting system is designed to be 21 inches


Pros:  The electric start push button really comes in handy. If you have physical challenges kicking lawnmower off with the pulley, this one is for you. The things you would love about it include easy assembly and simple operations. The machine is light weight and its height can be adjusted as desirable. The battery has 2 years warranty and is totally charged enabling you to cut the grass without delay. It also has a very affordable price when you compare across the market

Cons: The lawn mower does not have oil in it. So, if you fill gas in it and turn it on straightaway, you may damage the motor. Make sure the blade is not loose. If it is not tight you may need to pay extra price to buy new blades.

2, Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc 21-Inch FWD High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Main Features

  • It is designed for medium and small sized lawns.
  • A very powerful 159cc OHV engine is the power source.
  • A TriAction cutting system furnished within this model is designed for a perfect, even cut in the first round.
  • The deck height can be adjusted between 1.25 and 3.75 inches for cutting and mulching
  • Very easy to move around because of front drive wheels
  • Deck wash out feature adds a plus point.
  • For controlling the front and back wheels, it has two independent levers
  • TB220 has a 2-year warranty


Pros: It is light weight and very easy to assemble, you just need to follow the directions. You would love it for simple customizable speed and easily squeezable drive control handle. The handles are so comfortable that it prevents exhaustion. You can cut 2 ft. tall grass with only1 light pull of the cord. The deck wash feature adds more to this perfect self-propelled mower. It has a high bagging capacity and I also like the affordable price tag for this mower

Cons: If your lawn is bumpy, you might face problem as while moving uphill the front wheel rise because of which there is a losing traction. It stops working after some time in the rough yards, you might need the mower with rear wheel drive for bumpy or irregular lawns. The screws are long which interfere with the blade present under the deck when pulling the cord

3, Troy-Bilt TB105 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower

Main Features

  • The wheels are 7x8 inch which helps in controlling while mowing
  • It is equipped with 3 in 1 functionality, which enables the user to switch between or use it for mulching, bagging or side discharge.
  • The front wheel is 7-inch while rear wheel is 11-inch. This makes the mower apt for all kind of terrain
  • The deck height can be adjusted with two independent levers. You can choose from six variable settings between 1.25 and 3.75 inches
  • The 1-quart fuel tank and standard 1.9-bushel grass bagging capability mean it's improbable you will have to fill in the fuel or empty the bag in the middle of the mow.
  • Sponsored by a 2-year warranty, TB105 is perfect for you.


Pros:  You do not need to optimize its performance. It is ready to use after you add the handle on. Putting together the pieces is so robust that you can start using the mower within 5 to 10 minutes. The mulching capacity is excellent, which will make you love mowing with this machine. The best thing is you get a 3 in 1 mower in such an inexpensive price which runs smoothly on irregular lawns as well and the price also tends to be lower than a lot of other models in the market

Cons: Some have said that It has flimsy wheels. From the thorough search, it can be reviewed that at times, the box is damaged during shipping which may result in a missing piece or two and as result leads to customer discomfort.

4, Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Main Features

  • The 163cc OHV Briggs and Stratton, gasoline-powered engine is reliable
  • The speed of the mower can be controlled by choosing one of the four speed settings with a single lever
  • The lever deck can be maintained on six variable heights between 1.25 and 3.75-inches.
  • The mower consists of a TriAction cutting system, rake bumper to pick up the grass, blades for a clear mulching and a symmetrical deck for a better flow of grass, all these features make the operation easy-going and prevent clumps and patches in the lawn
  • The ReadySmart system is a feedback system that check the temperature of the engine and mixes the air/fuel accordingly.
  • It also has a deck wash system integrated.
  • The Three-year warranty of TB330 makes it trustworthy.


5, Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic Riding Lawnmower

Main Features

  • It has 19HP 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine is steadfast and results in incomparable mowing
  • The deck rider is 46-inch with a number of useful features like mow-in-reverse capability
  • The deck height can be adjusted to five comfy positions.
  • It has a mid-back seat with a very comfortable, easy to use touch steering wheel which makes the operation extraordinary and easy.
  • The deck wash system enables the user to clean up the mower after use.
  • The mower has single-cylinder automatic transmission that makes the mower efficient for different kind of terrain
  • The front wheel is 15" x 6" and rear wheels 20" x 8". The wheels are durable and aid in highly regulated movement
  • It is provided with a manual power take off feature to give you a better operation.
  • It has two-year warranty


Pros:  The thing you would love the most is the astounding steering and thoroughly considered controls this Troy-Bilt has. The height of the deck can be adjusted to five different setting with the mere finger movement giving you the desired cut. The deck wash feature is very simple to utilize and exceptionally successful. The Briggs and Stratton motor is very good and it has a fair price when you look at other riding lawn mowers across the market.

Cons: The mower has CVT transmission in it due to which the operation is abrupt and jerky. Its performance can get affected with time

6, Troy-Bilt WC33 420cc 33-inch Wide Cut RWD Lawn Mower with Electric Start

Main Features

  • It has a powerful 420cc OHV engine
  • It is equipped with a 3-inch deck which consists of twin blade which gives a very fine cut to the grass
  • The rear wheel drive system which has four forward speeds make it more efficient for the bumpy and high elevated lawns
  • The zero-turn manoeuvrability feature is time saving
  • The mower is a 2 in 1 machine which can be converted for mulching and side discharge. Bagger can be added to the system
  • The deck height can be adjusted to eight different settings between 1.25"-3.5" with a single lever
  • A transparent gas tank gives you an idea of the fuel level any time
  • The electric start adds more to the ease
  • It is sponsored by a 3-year warranty



Pros: The best thing about this specific mower is that it is powerful. Mowing the tall grass is not a problem for this mower. The handle is very comfortable. Electric start is a handy feature if you face physical challenge in pulling the cord

Cons: The spread of the grip is wide but the control is not that good. One thing that you need to look at is that it is 2 in 1 machine and the addition of bagger is optional and you need to buy it separately if you want it. Price is somewhat on the high side

7, Troy-Bilt TB450 XP 21" 175cc 3-in-1 4x4 Self-Propelled Mower

Main Features

  • This self-propelled mower is the first four-wheel drive mower of the industry with the help of which you can either select the rear wheel drive, the front wheel drive or all wheels.
  • This makes the product suitable not only for the straight lawn but the bumpy, irregular and inclined lawn as well
  • It has a 175cc Briggs and Stratton engine 775 professional series standard recoil with ReadyStart feature.
  • The 21-inch deck with triaAction system with the service of switching between mulching, bagging and side discharge is the special feature of this mower
  • The deck height can be adjusted with the help of two-levers
  • The front and rear tread wheels both 8 inches in size are suitable for all kind of lands
  • The handle can be adjusted to three variable position and the grip is strong
  • The 3-year warranty adds to the credibility of the product


Pros: The engine is very powerful. It is suitable if you have a bumpy lawn. It can handle steep lands as well. You would love it for the four-wheel drive system which enables the user to switch between rear wheel, front wheel or all wheels depending on the type of lawn you are using it on. Price is also very reasonable when I compare it against similar models in the marketplace

Cons:  It needs more space to turn. You can have problem with the bagging as the bag falls off every now and then - apart from that it is very difficult to find any disadvantages associated to this model

8, Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Main Features

  • Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower is best for the lawns that are even and are medium in size
  • The mower is powered with a 420cc OHV troy-Bilt engine
  • A very high speed of 4.25 MPH can be achieved. Moreover, the speed can be adjusted to 6 different level as required
  • The rear wheels are 16x.5-inch and the front wheels are 13x5 inches. The turning radius is 18-inchs making the ride and mowing comfortable
  • The mid-back seat for the rider is designed to be very cozy
  • The deck is 30-inch in size and its height can be maintained at 5 different setting
  • It is equipped with a very high capacity fuel tank which can store up to 1.3-gallon fuel


Pros:  You can assemble the whole thing in only one hour and it is ready to use. The seat is adjustable for the people of different heights. It cuts the grass as is done in golf clubs. Bag is attached so well that there is no need of raking. The adjustable deck height, comparatively inexpensive price and good turn is what you would love about this product and the price is on par with similar riding mowers that I have seen elsewhere.

Cons: The controls are a little jerky and tire may get flat sometimes. You might not like it if you are used to a hydrostatic drive. It is not stable on slopes and the front wheels rise on a slight inclination

In addition, please feel free to check out the stock levels of your preferred model by clicking on any of the images provided below

Overall, Troy Bilt lawn mowers have a good reputation in the market. They are widely used and are appreciated by the customers for not only their great working but also their good price. A lot of care is required for a lush lawn and since the equipment is expensive, it is important that you know the products that you purchase. This will not only keep you from making any choices that you will regret, but also ensures that you find what you are looking for in your budget.

If you are still on the fence and would like to look at other brands, then take a look at some other reviews as follows:


If you have used any of the Troy Bilt lawn mowers in the past and would like to share your experiences, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can leave a comment in the comment box below!

Best of luck with whatever decision you make!



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