Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mower Reviews 2024


If you need to find out more information about the Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Lawn mowers, then please make sure to check out this detailed Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mower review which will outline our number 1 recommendation in this category plus 2 further alternatives which should speed up the process when it comes to your own online research.

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We will outline several deck width options available to you when it comes to Troy-Bilt Riding Mowers plus the deck gauge materials and the 2 main engine types used with this series of Ride on Lawn mowers.

We will also outline what we believe to be the best overall Troy-Bilt Bronco Mower recommendation available in the market and we will give you 2 further additional Bronco alternatives that will come with lower price tags that we recommend also.

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Gauge Steel Decks

The gauge of the steel on the decks can vary depending on the Troy-Bilt Riding lawn mower that you choose and they can start at 11 gauge steel and go up to 14 gauge steel for the electric powered Ride on Mowers. For example the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 46K and the Bronco 46B have 12 gauge steel decks while the Troy-Bilt Pony, Super Bronco 54K and Bronco 42L have 13 gauge decks so bear this mind for future reference.

Troy-Bilt Riding Mower Engines

There are basically 2 types of engines when it comes to Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding mowers and they are Briggs & Stratton and Kohler. The Kohler engines are used for the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco Riding Mowers and the Briggs and Stratton engines are used for the standard Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding mowers. The Kohler engines typically offer between 22HP to 24 HP and their engine displacement rating is 725cc while the power of the Briggs and Stratton engines are typically lower, for example you can get either a 17.5 HP 500cc engine or a 19 HP 540cc engine.

Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mower Review

Best Overall: Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 54K XP Riding Lawn Mower

Without a doubt, our favourite Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding mower is the Super Bronco 54K XP Ride on Lawn mower that comes equipped with superior 24HP power within its Kohler 725cc 7000 Series engine and it offers the widest mowing path with its 54 inch wide cutting deck. One big attraction here along with the awesome power is the Hydrostatic transmission system for easier pedal speed control we also liked the fact that the monitoring system readout will tell you when it needs to be serviced.

It works great around flower beds, trees and borders as it can do a 16 inch turning radius and you have the option to buy the rear bagger as an optional extra to leave a tidier finish across your yard. It comes with a heavy duty tow hitch to support various gardening projects and workloads and it comes with the anti-scalp wheels to ensure you have a level cut on uneven ground.

You get the electric PTO switch as standard  and it is designed with a triple blade system as well as the wash port for cleaning the undercarriage plus the nose roller also. It can work at a maximum speed level of 5.5mph or  8.6kmh and it comes backed with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind to protect your investment.


  • You have the superior Hydrostatic transmission here for speed and pedal control (rather than the Autodrive)
  • The monitoring system has a readout system to tell when it needs to be serviced
  • The anti-scalp wheels work great to give an level cut on uneven ground
  • There is plenty of power and more for dealing with slopes and difficult mowing conditions with its 24HP engine


  • The price level here is one of the highest in their range
  • There are no commercial warranties available, only a home warranty
  • The rear bagger is not included in the standard price, it needs to be added as an optional extra
  • It’s speed level is a good deal slower than their Zero Turn mowers

Price Guide: $2900 - £3200 @ Troy-Bilt

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Alternative Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mowers

If you feel that the Super Bronco 54K XP Riding Lawn Mower is too expensive for your own budget at this point, then there are 2 smaller alternatives within the range which offer lower price tags that are worth a closer look summarised briefly as follows…

#1, Troy-Bilt Bronco 46B Riding Lawn Mower

Brief Overview

Briggs & Stratton 17.5 HP 500cc engine

Operates with the Auto-drive transmission

Cutting deck width is 46 inches

2 Anti scalp wheels and max speed 5mph

Turning radius is 18 inches

Includes a wash port and a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: $2200 - $2500

#2, Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 46K XP Riding Lawn Mower

Brief Overview

Kohler 22HP 725cc 7000 Series engine

Operates with the Hydrostatic transmission

Offers an adjustable high back seat and cruise control

Fuel tank capacity is 3.0 gallons

Maximum forward speed is 5.5mph or 8.6kmh

46 inch wide cutting deck and 3 year warranty

Price Guide: $2500 - $2800

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Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mower Comparisons

To ensure you have all the necessary information about these Bronco Lawnmowers from Troy-Bilt, please make sure to check out the detailed comparison table below where you can see all the main features side by side including the engine specs, operating systems, deck widths, speed levels and so much more

Troy-Bilt BroncoSuper Bronco 54KBronco 46BSuper Bronco 46K
Deck Width54 inches46 inches46 inches
Horse Power24 HP17.5 HP22 HP
EngineKohler 725ccB&S 500ccKohler 725cc
Fuel tank3.0 gal1.36 gal3.0 gal
Oil Tank2.0 qt1.8 qt2.0 qt
Battery210 CCA135 CCA210 CCA
Forward Speed5.5mph / 8.6kmh5mph / 8.1kmh5.5mph / 8.6kmh
Reverse Speed2.5pmh / 4kmh2.5pmh / 4kmh2.5pmh / 4kmh
Wash portYesYesYes
Mowing heights1.5 - 3.75 inch1.5 - 3.75 inch1.5 - 3.75 inch
Anti-scalpingYes x 4Yes x 2Yes x 4
Turning radius16 inch18 inch16 inch
Tow HitchYesYesYes
Front bumperOptionalOptionalOptional
Cruise controlYesNoYes
Warranty3 years2 years3 years

Troy-Bilt Riding Mower Deck Widths

The range of deck widths you get with Troy-Bilt Riding Mowers start at the lowest 30 inch and they can go as wide as 54 inches. For example the Troy-Bilt Compact Ride on Mower is the narrowest offering a 30 inch cutting deck, the Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding mowers offer a cutting deck up to 46 inches and then the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco offer the widest up to 54 inch cutting decks.

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After completing this review of the Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding lawn mowers, we have to say we were seriously impressed with the work rate, power levels, build quality and mowing finishes both on flat terrain and also on sloped terrain or handling difficult mowing conditions.

We have outlined what we believe to be the best choice in this category and we have also outlined 2 lower priced alternatives for you to consider so there should be something here to tick your own box so to speak. You can also check out further reviews about these Bronco Riding Mowers at Troy-Bilt below…

Troy-Bilt Bronco Ride on Mower Feedback

Have you ever used a Troy-Bilt Bronco or Super Bronco Riding mower in the past? If so, please share your own experiences and opinions with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others can learn also…

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