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Hello once again and many thanks for taking the time to visit this review. If you are interested in buying a Flymo UltraGlide Hover Electric Lawn mower in the coming days or weeks, then please make sure to check out this brief but useful Flymo UltraGlide review that will outline all you need to be aware of before you decide to buy.

This review will focus on outlining all the main features, positives and negatives in an easy to read and follow format so that you can easily decide for yourself if indeed this is the right lawn mower for you or not.

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We will also outline several useful frequently asked questions that have come up in the recent past that will be of interest to you that should answer most of the queries that you may have. In addition, a comparison table is outlined at the end of this review to compare against several other Flymo Hover models to add further clarity of what you can expect to get before it arrives…

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Lawn Mower Review Overview

Model:Flymo UltraGlide 36cm Hover Lawnmower 1800W
Warranty:12 months
Orders Online:Yes, with hassle free home delivery
Price Range:£135 to £195 (at the time of this review)
Cheap Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Stock Availability Here
Support:Helpline is available at 0344 844 4558

Frequently Asked Questions for the Flymo UltraGlide

Q1, What blade is used for this model?
A. The reference number of the blade for this model is the FLY068 36cm Hover Mower Blade

Q2. What size is the grass collection box?
A. The grass collection box has a capacity of 30L (10L more than the Hovervac / Easi-Glide)

Q3. How long is the power cable for the UltraGlide?
A. The power cable for the UltraGlide is 15m long

Q4. What is the DuoTech system offered by this model?
A. The DuoTech system works by lifting & straightening the uncut grass and neatly cutting propelling the grass off the blade and then up into the grass box and compacting it for better storage

Q5. Is there a rear roller included?
A. No, there is no rear roller included for stripes.

Q6. What are the mow height minimum and maximum?
A. The mow heights range from a low of 1.3cm up as far as 3.2cm

Q7. What are the boxes dimensions?
A. The boxes dimensions are L90cm by W43cm by H42cm

Q8. Can you remove or detach the cable?
A. No, you cannot remove this cable as it is built in

Q9. Does it have a cable storage?
A. No, but it can be wrapped around the handles bars

Q10. Can it be used on steep slopes or uneven ground?
A. Yes, no problem – it can operate on uneven ground, hills or steep slopes or steep banks

Q11. Are the front wheels used or does it actually hover?
A. This Lawnmower once plugged in will Hover on a cushion of air

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Flymo UltraGlide Hover Lawn Mower Review

Flymo Ultraglide 36cm Hover Lawnmower 1800W


Main Features Available

This over mower provides a 36cm mow path with a higher power level of 1800W and it is a premium & more advanced model under the Flymo Hover catalogue with the DuoTech system included that offers the ultimate vacuum experience around fences, walls and edges. It floats on a cushion of air from a fan beside the motor and blade

The handles can be folded down to reduce storage space needed. and the grass collection box has a capacity of 30L and it compacts the grass. It is suitable for medium and medium to large type gardens with a power cable included of 15m length It operates on a single lever height adjustor with 4 levels to choose from with a mow height that ranges from 1.3cm to 3.2cm.

It also includes a spring assisted handle to enable better hovering experiences and the power cable is longer coming in at 15m long. A safety switch is included as standard and the weight for this model is 12kg and the size is H119cm by L157cm by W42cm (unfolded). In terms of cost, the price when last seen on sale with Argos was in the £140 to £200 region which of course can be double checked below if you are interested in taking a closer look

Further images are outlined below for the main features:

  • Tight to Edges

Main Pros Outlined (Positives)

  • Superior power level available at 1800W which is a lot more than the Hovervac or Easi-Glide models
  • More advanced & superior performance & collection from the DuoTech system which enables a better and ultimate vacuum experience and cutting closer to walls and boundaries
  • Much larger grass collection box of 30L allows longer mowing time and less frequent emptying – 10L larger than many other Flymo Hover models
  • The grass becomes compacted internally which is great again at reducing the amount of time spent emptying the grass box – lesser stoppages
  • Much longer power cable coming in at 15m long which is 5m longer than the Hovervac and 3m longer than the Easi-Glide 330
  • Unlike many other models, there is the single lever height adjustment so there is no need for additional work with spacers or spanners
  • Good range of mow heights are available that range from 1.3cm up as far as 3.2cm so you can start at the higher setting and do a double job if needed at the lower setting
  • Ideal for areas such as uneven ground, steep slopes or hills as it floats on a cushion of air
  • A vision window is provided unlike many other Hover mowers that we came across and is very easy to empty when needed
  • Can be folded down also which is great for people who have limited storage space in their sheds.
  • Overall, we found it to perform well, it mowed tight to walls, edges and fences, was easy to fold and carry and gave a great attractive clean look to the lawn with little additional work needed for tidying up the grass afterwards (from our trial experiences)

Main Cons Outlined (Negatives)

  • Price level is a bit steep for a Premium Hover Mower despite the additional features that it has to offer
  • Considerably heavier than the Hovervac and the Easi Glide 300 by nearly 4kg so be prepared for the additional weight to deal with while working.
  • No mulching ability is available for composting back into the soil for additional nourishment
  • No rear rollers are available to generate attractive stripes across your lawn
  • You need to be able to master a technique of avoiding the cord as your work but gets easier once you get the hang of it.
  • Limited to a work area of the power cable or an extension cord so keep this is mind.
  • If extension cords are needed, then this will be an additional expense for you to incur.
  • Although this hasn’t happened to us, others have reported that the Hover glide didn’t work as easy or as good as anticipated and the grass box emptying could also be easier – a bit too tight
  • Reports of the mow heights not been low enough for some gardeners even when adjusted to the lowest setting
  • Some struggle with keeping the handle continuously in the down position and others found it clogging up far too much especially with damp grass
  • Grass collection for many has been excellent while others found the grass collection extremely poor with additional work needed for tidying up afterwards.
  • Handle that is held in place by plastic could be a lot stronger and more robust and others found that it was too heavy to operate comfortably with especially when the grass box starts to fill out
  • A lot of frustrations have been expressed again with the level of grass not been collected and sent flying everywhere and many have returned it due to a range of other unsatisfactory issues such as motor issues and blade problems
  • Many others were thoroughly satisfied with their purchase and had no problems whatsoever but many have been dissatisfied– quite mixed experiences overall and should be better despite the premium features that it has to offer

Comparison Table

To compare the Flymo UltraGlide against other Flymo Hover lawnmower models – then take a quick look also at the comparison table provided below…

Feature:UltraGlideHover vac 280Easi Glide 300Easi-Glide 330
Mow Width:36cm28cm30cm33cm
Power Level:1800W1300W1300W1400W
Grass bag Size:30L Capacity20L Capacity20L Capacity20L Capacity
Height Settings:4444
Mow Height Range:1.3cm to 3.2cm1cm to 3cm1cm to 3cm1cm to 3cm
Warranty:12 months12 months12 months12 months
Cable:15m long10m long10m long12m long
Rear Roller:Not availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Mulching:Not availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Safety Switch:IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Vision Window:AvailableNot availableNot availableNot available

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Hover Lawnmower Community Feedback

Have you any previous experience of using a Flymo UltraGlide Hover Lawnmower in the past? If so, please educate the UK community by leaving your feedback good or bad in the comment section provided below – So that they can learn also!

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  1. Your Flymo Ultra glide review is top-notch and covered a lot of detail. I really like the specifications of the lawnmower, and its also cost effective as its price is really commensurate with its functions. Though you listed eleven pros and fourteen cons, i still think its worth buying and giving a trial but I will be cautious about these cons pointed out. The frequently asked questions section was really helpful and covered several questions I had in my own mind. Thanks so much for this wonderful review, good to know all of this in advance

  2. I know the frustration of using a low efficiency lawn mower, that consumes energy, vibrates too much, is too slow in cutting and moving and too bulky, thereby being too difficult to maneuver. From your review, Flymo Ultra Glide Hover Lawn Mower seems to attend to most of my concerns with lawn mowers, with its 36cm mow path, high-power of 1800W, a much longer power cable, etc. But the most fascinating of its features, to me, is that, it is ideal for areas such as uneven grounds, steep slopes and hills because it floats on a cushion of air. I think that’s super amazing and cool and definitely worth a try in my opinion instead of the hard graft of pushing up hills which can be too physically demanding

  3. Have had an Ultraglide for a few years now and it is an excellent mower. You mention that there is no cable storage but that is in fact incorrect as there are storage hooks on the left side of the handle.

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